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Lets Chat, let me tell you what this is all about!

Emotive Fall Family Session

I am an open book and have created my mentorship program to support you and give you whatever you need help in. I want to create a safe space for you to be you, find your voice, and spark a creative joy in your life.

I want to make sure  you are being served in the way you need it. Do you need help with editing? I gotchu! Do you need help with posing/prompting? Session flow? I am there for you, your biggest Cheerleader. Whether it’s in person or on Zoom I will support you.

Maternity Photographer
Family Session

Mentor Love

Connecting ONLINE: $300

We can meet online or if you’re a local at a coffee spot and discuss whatever is on your heart. Maybe you need help with finding your voice, branding, or  we can share screens  for editing. I am down for whatever you need. This also includes a portfolio and website critique. You have me for up to 1.5 hour!


We can cover:

  •  Shooting

  • Branding

  • Editing

  • Session workflows

  • Social Media

  • Styling

  • Its really limitless, whatever you need we can go over!

1:1 mentoring: $500

This is where we hang out for 2.5 hours answering all your questions, editing together and gearing the learning towards YOU and your needs and learning requests. Following our 2.5 hours together we go to a fully styled sunset shoot where you get to see me in action and shoot beside me. During the styled session I will cover lighting, posing, and client interactions as well as styling the session and why I chose certain pieces for the session. You will also be given access to my private FB group where I have loads of content including; editing videos, education on client experience, styling and more. 

As a mentee you can request gallery reviews as well! You can email, text or message anytime to ask questions if you are stuck- or post your question in the group and get a lot of feedback. The FB group is very active.

Lets get you started :) I would love to take this journey with you.

We can Cover:

  • Lighting

  • Camera Settings and lenses

  • Branding

  • Editing

  • Website and portfolio review

  • Session workflow

  • Social Media

  • Client closets and styling

  • And whatever else you have on your heart.

Family Love
Lifestyle engagement
Fall Family Session


Washington DC Family Photographer
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