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Mamaratzy Mentoring...

I am an open book and have created my mentorship program to support you and give you whatever you need help in. I want to create a safe space for you to be you, find your voice, and spark a creative joy in your life.

I want to make sure  you are being served in the way you need it. Do you need help with editing? I gotchu! Do you need help with posing/prompting? Session flow? I am there for you, your biggest Cheerleader. Whether it’s in person or on Zoom I will support you.

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Hey YOU!


If you're a photographer who is ready to turn your passion into a business that makes money and supports you to do what you LOVE then let's chat!


If you're passionate about being a photographer and want to make this your main gig then you're going to need to know how to run a business.. which is where coaching with me can help you!


We're going to deep dive your goals, identify what is holding you back from getting there and develop a strong and sound business strategy to get you there. 


You'll leave our session with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and a PLAN that you can take action on immediately. 


Whatever you're struggling with at the moment - low bookings, confusion in your ideal client and style, systems and organization, struggling with direction and feeling overwhelmed, tracking expenses and making profit... we can tailor this session for you and your struggles and goals. 


Things we can cover:


  • Pricing

  • Making money

  • Marketing

  • Nailing your ideal client 

  • Systems 

  • Mindset blocks such as mom guilt, getting started, limiting beliefs and money blocks 

  • How to launch a business

  • How to transition from side business to full-time business confidently

I cannot wait to meet you and help you to learn the skills you need to sky rocket your photography business and continue to do what you love with confidence 


Q&A Session - $200

This session is perfect for nonlocal

photographers who need answers. Fire

away your questions, and I'll help you

determine the next steps in your

business. Grab a cup of coffee, and let's

chat from the comfort of home. This

session covers:

  • Posing

  • Booking

  • Invoicing

  • SEO

  • Instagram

  • Marketing

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Editing Session - $200

This session is ideal for photographers

struggling to achieve consistent edits

and need to create an editing workflow.

If Lightroom completely terrifies and

overwhelms you, this one is for you! This

session covers and includes:

  • Identifying your ideal editing style

  • Editing through 8-10 of your

  • RAW images

  • Showing you how to get the

  • edit you want

  • Free custom preset created

Social Media Marketing
Session - $275

This session is for anyone struggling to

grow on social media and market

themselves effectively. I'll tell you

everything you need to know about how

to improve your social media +

marketing strategies! This session covers

and includes:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Website critique

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1:1 In-Person

Mentorship - $800

This session covers everything you need

to know about running a successful

photography business. We'll begin by

getting together so you can tell me what

you hope to learn. From there, its time

to get some hands-on experience with a

live couples session and editing session

You'll get an opportunity to ask any

questions throughout the session-

nothing is off the table! l'm an open

book because I genuinely want to see

you succeed. This session covers and


  • 4-5 hours

  • Client process and communication

  • Hands-on  session to build

  • Your portfolio

  • Posing techniques

  • Shooting tactics

  • Editing process

  • Pricing

  • Social media and marketing

  • Websites

  • Business strategy

  • Goal setting

  • Staying organized

  • Unlimited questions

Share your vision with me and we’ll work out the best plan for your Mentorship!

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