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How to Establish Yourself as a Professional in Your Niche

If you’ve been following my business for a while, you know that I’m a firm believer in niching down your services. It can be difficult to do but the reward is you’re able to connect better with your ideal client and you are able to stand out within the industry as an expert. However, there is more to showcasing you’re an expert than just niching down your offerings in business which is why today I’m sharing my top tips on how to establish yourself as a professional in your industry. Branding Your branding must be consistent across all platforms potential clients can find you. The reason is when you are consistent in your messaging, clients start to remember who you are and what you’re all about. You’re subconsciously making them fully aware of what your business is all about. Plus, you leave out any room for confusion. There is nothing worse than finding someone you want to work with but you end up confused because their copy on their Instagram captions doesn’t align with how they talk on their website.

Talk About Your Expertise You do not need to be bashful about sharing your knowledge. People need to hear what you have to say, so speak up and share your insights. From your about page on your website, to sharing tips and tricks on a blog post, to being a guest on a podcast, these are all platforms that give you an opportunity to showcase your authority within your profession. Believe You are an Expert There will always be someone one step ahead of you and that is a-okay. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert in your profession. Even if you have little to no schooling, you wouldn’t have started your business if you didn’t have some form of familiarity and insights to offer. Call yourself an expert and continue to prove yourself as just that – an expert.

Share Your Accolades Again, this isn’t a time to be bashful. People want to always hire the best so show them how you are one of the greats. Highlight awards you’ve been given, places you’ve been published, courses you’ve completed, etc. All of these things build credibility with your clients.

Highlight Testimonials Word-of-mouth will always be the greatest form of marketing. People like to know what others are saying. Always ask past clients to send over a review that you can use within your business. Make sure testimonials are easy for potential clients to find. Usually posting 2-3 on the homepage of your website, about page, and offerings page is the way to go. Plus, you can even create an Instagram highlight with branded story graphics and share when you receive a new review. Show Results with Lead Magnets Show people that you know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about with lead magnets that drive results. This is also a great way to build your email list which adds to your credibility. These don’t all have to be free, but by offering a low-rate digital download, clients can purchase to see if investing more into your business is worth it. They should discover that, yes, it most certainly is worth investing more into your expertise! Remember to not fluff-up your lead magnets. Offer solid advice and take away points for clients so they keep coming back to you as the expert.

Host a Webinar, retreat or panel Another way to show you’re a professional within your field is to host a webinar, retreat or panel. This can be a free webinar that leads to a sales pitch at the end or a paid webinar that dives straight into all the juicy details on the topic you want to discuss. Or this can lead to hosting a retreat or being on a panel. Hosting a webinar or retreat does take time and diligent preparation, but those are just two reasons they also help you stand out from the crowd. Build Relationships Community over competition, remember? Don’t be afraid to build relationships with other professionals in your industry or within other industries, too! When we align ourselves with others who are making an impact within their line of work, we are creating a community of experts. And, you never know who is scrolling through that wedding photographer’s friend list looking for a business coach, maternity photographer, social media manager, etc. Stay Humble and Kind We all know someone who knows they are the best and their ego fills any room they walk in. Remember it is possible to be the best all while staying humble and kind. Educate future educators. Mentor up-and-coming photographers. Share your business struggles. I was once told that a leader always creates future leaders. We do this by not being afraid that someone might do something better than we currently are. These are my 9 tips and tricks to establishing yourself as a professional in your niche. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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