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Why Your Mini Sessions Aren’t Selling Out

I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again; but mini sessions are a great way for photographers to make a quick wave of revenue for their business. However, as a fellow photographer, if you dive right into offering mini sessions without a thorough plan, they won’t be as successful as you hope. Have you offered sessions in the past hoping to book every time slot on your calendar? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other photography businesses in your area and wonder how they sell out every single one of their sessions they offer? I’ve been there too and I know it’s not a fun place to be. But, guess what? I’m not there anymore. In fact, through my own personal trial and error, I’ve discovered a tried and true method that guarantees my mini sessions sell out every. single. time.

If you’ve been wondering why you’re mini sessions aren’t selling out, below are four points that are common mistakes I see photographers make time and time again. 1. Wrong Time Of Year When it comes to offering sessions, a general rule of thumb is spring and fall are ideal seasons because people are usually out of town during the summer and busy with family during the holidays. The weather also tends to be nicer during the spring and fall with cooler temperatures that make it easier for outdoor sessions. 2. Your Promo Photos Aren’t Good Enough If you aren’t using a photo of your ideal target audience to promote your mini sessions, you’re making a big mistake. Potential clients want to be able to see themselves in your photos. So if you’re offering family minis, make sure your promo photos include real families. If you’re doing mommy and me minis, make sure photos include real mamas with their little ones. I also suggest helping your model families style their outfits for the promo photos!

3. You’re Offering Too Many Dates And Times We often think more is better so everyone has the option to book, but in reality, we are overwhelming our clients. Start small and add more dates & times when your original time slots fill up. 4. You’re Making It Too Hard For Clients To Book Manual bookings lead to lots of back-and-forth and time wasted. Online bookings are immediate and automatic. With online booking, you don’t have to constantly update your openings on your blog and social media handles. Clients can easily view what’s available to book right then and there. I love using for all of my online quick bookings. Plus, with online bookings, you can often easily accept payments which I recommend requiring a non-refundable retainer or full upfront payment to ensure you don’t run into any no-shows on the day of your minis.

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