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Capturing those Newborn Lifestyle Memories

Like many families, I always seem to have excuses as to why I don’t book a photo shoot (need to lose weight, wait for son’s teeth to grow back blah blah blah) but I’ve realized the best time to have a shoot is always now. I’ve never regretted taking a photo or having a photo shoot, but I have regretted not having photos taken.

That leads me nicely onto the shoot I want to share with you today. The photo shoot that I really regret never booking is a newborn shoot with either of my older boys. I thought because I could take nice photos of them, that was all I needed. But I would love to look back at photos of those magical early days with both my husband and I in them too.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer to take natural, some posed and a photographer to capture the love, joy and connection of those special first few weeks, then I’m your girl!

The way I photograph newborns is the same as the way I photograph families of all ages; natural, expressive and beautiful. I was delighted to be invited to photograph this family a few weeks after they’d had their third gorgeous little girl.

I know it’s these connected and everyday shots of the family that they will treasure forever.

If you want to book a newborn shoot with me, get in touch soon after your 20 week scan and we’ll get it all booked and on the schedule.

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