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Five Must-Haves for Your Business Instagram Profile

Your Instagram viewers will decide within seconds of landing on your profile if they want to follow you or not. If you’re managing a business IG page especially, your goal should be to grow your following, right? Of course right! These are five-must haves that you can fix on your IG profile today! What are you waiting for?

(Photo Credit Nicole Geraldine Photography)

1. A picture of yourself as your profile photo. Smiling, in good lighting (like the photo above). While your logo might be super cute, and I know you spent a lot of time on it, people want to know who is behind the profile! Share your beautiful face above anything else. 2. Your name! This is especially important if you have a unique business name that is not your name. When people go to contact you, they want to know who they’re speaking to you. Include your first name at the bare minimum, but your last name is great too.

3. Your location! Again, this is important for service-based businesses specific to a location. If you’re an online business and serve people of all areas, it’s still fun to know where you’re from!

4. Who you serve! If people are going to come to your profile, they need to know if they should follow you or not right away. By sharing who you serve you will automatically include or exclude your ideal audience within the first 60 seconds of landing on your page. 5. How to contact to you! Do you prefer DMs? Emails? Or phone calls? Your audience should know the ideal way to get in touch if they have questions or inquiries regarding your services. And if you have a business profile you can include your phone number and/or email in a button without having to take up space in your allotted 150 characters.

That’s it! Super simple, right?! Now head on over to your profile and make those changes. It’ll only take a few minutes and you’ll likely see your following grow rather quickly.

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