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What is (and isn’t) a mini session

What is (and isn’t) a mini session Mini Sessions!

Photographers: we’ve all heard the term “mini session” used throughout the year, right? But what exactly is a mini session? Let me help you out with that question. I’ve been hosting mini sessions since 2016 and it wasn’t always easy. I didn’t always know what I was doing. I had to guess and not really know if I was doing them correctly. So first, let’s talk about what a mini session is not.

A mini session is not simply a shorter version of your custom sessions. A client doesn’t get the opportunity to book a mini session any time of the year at a less expensive cost. A mini session is a 15-20 minute session, on a date and time that you choose, at a location that you choose, that offers fewer poses and fewer final images than your full sessions. Easy peasy, right? It should be! Mini sessions are offered at limited times throughout the year (I do them in the Spring and Fall (holiday only), and you also should have limited times available. Allowing anyone and everyone to book a mini session may or may not work for your business model–that’s what you have to decide!

For me, as a photographer who offers newborn, family and maternity portraits, I offer all new and returning clients the option to book my mini sessions. I feel it is a win-win situation. New client's will get a taste of what I offer and my returning client's can update their images. This is a great opportunity to continue serving my clients as their adorable babies get older. Many of my clients book both my Spring and Fall mini sessions as “milestone” sessions, and there’s nothing better than seeing my precious babies as they get bigger and bigger! Allowing clients to book a “mini” session at any time during the year simply because they can’t afford or don’t want to pay your full session fee isn’t really the way to go. If a client can book a mini session, he or she will likely never book a full session. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding when and how to offer your mini sessions. And did you know I have an entire course dedicated to help you plan and execute your mini sessions?! Learn more by reaching out. I hope this has offered some clarification for you!

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